Heliopsis helianthoides Funky Spinner TM

Heliopsis Funky Spinner TM

Flowering A clump-forming perennial with dark, almost black foliage when grown in the sun and large, golden yellow flowers with a stunning dark red eye from summer through to the end of autumn.
Size Grows to 75cm high x 60cm wide.
Maintenance Keep moist in active growth and apply a complete fertiliser in spring before plants flower. Remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms.
Position Select a position in full sun with rich fertile free draining soil. Tolerant of heat, humidity and coastal conditions.
Uses A spectacular plant for containers, borders, lining garden beds and pathways. Attracts pollinators to the garden, cut flowers are stunning used in floristry arrangements.

Hardy perennial with a compact habit and fragrant foliage. Heat loving and a great cut flower. Foliage is reliably robust and disease resistant even in humid summers.

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  • Category: Bee attracting, Cut Flower, Flowering, NEW, Perennial

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