Echium ‘Pride of Madeira’

Echium ‘Pride of Madeira’

Flowering Large spikes of purple/blue flowers
Size Candicans – Grows to 1.8m high x 2.5m wide Pale Blue flowers.

Duxfield Blue – Grows to 1.5m high x 1.5m wide with purple/blue flowers

Maintenance Water only during prolonged dry periods. Does not like wet soils, keep in a well drained position. Prune to compact shape and remove spent flower heads. Fertilise in spring.

*Warning – can cause skin irritation.

Position Full sun, part shade. Dought tolerant.
Uses A beautiful focal or specimen plant for hot and dry gardens. Coastal and drought tolerant. Light frosts. Very hardy in poor soils.

Spectacular tall flower spikes in late spring. The grey leaves form rosettes at the base of the flowers which develop a tight shrub when not in flower. A fantastic display lasting for many weeks.

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  • Category: Architectural, Flowering, Perennial

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