Lysimachia congestifolia  – ‘Persian Carpet’

Lysimachia ‘Midnight Sun’

Flowering Yellow flowers form clusters at the end of the foliage during spring.
Size 10-20cm high x 30-60cm wide.
Maintenance Requires moderate watering only, hardy and low maintenance. Prune to shape, this will help to improve the shape and return them to a dense mat. Fertilise in spring.
Position Part sun to full shade gardens with relatively fertile soils. Water during extended dry periods.
Uses Can be grown as a border, to line pathways, on rock edges or mixed with other perennials to form a lovely cottage garden. They are also ideal for hanging baskets on patios.

Lysimachia are a very hardy, low growing ground cover and can be grown as a low border. ‘Persian Carpet’ is a colourful groundcover with green and dark chocolate foliage which cascades with yellow flowers. Frost tolerant.

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  • Category: Flowering, Foliage, Ground Cover

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