Salvia ‘Amante’

Salvia ‘Amante’

Flowering Large fushia-red flower spikes with nearly black calyx, bloom constantly from early spring until winter.
Size 1-1.2m tall x 1m wide.
Maintenance Prune plant in early spring to maintain shape then fertilise for new growth. Remove spent flower spikes to encourage repeat flowering.
Position Full sun to part shade, in well drained soil. Drought and heat tolerant.
Uses A very hardy perennial which can be grown as a border, to line pathways, informal hedges, as a mass planting, mixed with other perennials for form a lovely cottage garden or in container gardens.

Salvia Amante is more compact and has a fuller habit than other guarantitica types. It is easy to grow and responds well to trimming. Amante is Spanish for lover, this salvia is a magnet for butterflies, birds and bees.

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  • Category: Bee attracting, Bird Attracting, Flowering, Perennial, Shrub

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