Salvia Lake Series

Salvia x interspecific hybrid ‘Lake’

Flowering Open mouthed flowers contract beautifully with their dark calyx and stems, creating a rich display that will last all summer.
Size Grows to 50 – 60cm high x 50-70cm wide.
Maintenance Prune moderately after flowering and water well during dry periods.
Position Full sun position.
Uses A spectacular plant for containers, borders and garden beds where the mass of flower can be enjoyed.

A waterwise series of Salvia available in six seperate varieties, each producing gorgeous tubular flowers on tall stems from early summer through to late autumn.
Varieties available in the series are:
Lake Lagoda – Light Pink
Lake McKenzie – Dark Purple
Lake Spencer – Bright Purple
Lake Victoria – Lilac
Lake Tahoe – Mauve-Pink
Strawberry Lake – Magenta

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