Agapanthus praecox hybrid ‘Star Quality’

Agapanthus praecox hybrid ‘Star Quality’

Flowering Rounded mauve blue flowers with deep coloured stripes with masses for florets per flower head.
Size Foliage growing to 30-40cm with flower stems up to 50cm.
Maintenance Low maintenance and low water requirements.  Remove spent flower heads.
Position A very hardy plant which tolerates full sun and coastal conditions.  Frost hardy, dormant in winter.
Uses A spectacular plant for borders, rockeries, garden beds or pathways and in containers.
At a glance  Full sun, Promise to flower, Hardy, Bird and Butterfly Attracting.

One of three new stunning varieties of Agapanthus in the new ‘Star’ Collection.  A show stopper which has proved very hardy.

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  • Category: Flowering, Foliage, Perennial

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