Iberis ‘Turbo’

Iberis ‘Turbo’

Flowering Masses of showy large white flowers in clusters in late winter and spring. The buds have a mauve tinge.
Size 30cm high x 30cm wide.
Maintenance Remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms throughout the flowering season. Fertilise when planting and at the beginning of spring. Mulch.
Position Suitable for full sun positions. Growing in a well-drained soils.
Uses Iberis Turbo will provide a sensational display in your garden, patio or container gardens. Turbo adds contrast and texture to the landscape.

Iberis Turbo is an evergreen upright shrubby perennial which offers an impressive seasonal display with large eye-catching white flowers. It is a wonderful substitute for a bunch of flowers as the Iberis is so beautiful it will help celebrate any occasion. Perfect for mixed borders or patio gardens. Iberis Turbo is frost hardy, drought tolerant and attracts butterflies.

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  • Category: Flowering, Perennial

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