Sedum ‘Xenox’

Sedum ‘Xenox’

Flowering Masses of soft-pink flowers, densely packed in large umbrella-shaped flower heads, borne atop bright purple stems clad with purple-green, fleshy foliage that ages to purple.
Size Grows to 60cm high x 60cm wide.
Maintenance Thrives in moist, well drained soil.
Position Select a full sun to part shade position with well draining soil.
Uses A spectacular waterwise plant for borders, rockeries, garden beds or in containers.

The handsome foliage is adorned summer and autumn with plenty of pink flowers. The glaucus leaves have a green and mauve blush through spring that deepens to almost purple in summer. It is extremely attractive to pollinators, ideal in garden borders, rock gardens and containers.

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  • Category: Architectural, Flowering, Foliage, Ground Cover, NEW, Perennial

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