Hosta nakaiana ‘Dorset Blue’

Hosta nakaiana ‘Dorset Blue’

Flowering A lovely heart shaped dusky blue-green leaved perennial which is versatile and requires little care. Grown mainly for its foliage, which provides colour, contrast and texture to the landscape..
Size Grows to 15cm high x 25cm wide.
Maintenance A good low maintenance garden perennial. Remove spent flowers. Fertilise when planting. Frost hardy.
Position Full to part shade in any free draining soil.
Uses This small blue-green leaved Hosta can be mixed with other perennials in borders, rock gardens or woodland gardens, as an edging plant or en masse. The dense foliage crowds out most garden weeds. Bird Attracting, good for cut flowers.

A lovely perennial with heart shaped dusky blue-green leaves. A good low maintenance garden perennial.

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