Buddleia ‘Spring Promise’

Buddleia asiatica ‘Spring Promise’

Flowering Pure white flower spikes from mid winter through to spring while delightful fragrance reminiscent of freesias.
Size Grows to 3m high x 2m wide.
Maintenance Prune back after flowering to give compact shape. Water well in dry conditions.
Position Will grow in full sun or part shade position and will tolerate moderate frost.
Uses A good choice for the back row of a perennial border. To achieve maximum appeal, mass plant Buddleia together. The natural unruliness off butterfly bush plant lends itself to use in cottage gardens . It is butterfly and bird attracting,
 Climate  Frost tolerant

A fragrant Buddleia to enhance your garden. It is an evergreen, quick growing flowering shrub covered with spikes of pure white flowers with a delightful fragrance reminiscent of freesias.

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  • Category: Bee attracting, Bird Attracting, Cut Flower, Flowering, Perennial, Shrub

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